The court temporarily barred the Prosecutor from demanding Trump’s tax returns

NEW YORK – The US Second circuit court of appeals on Monday temporarily barred a Prosecutor in New York State from seeking the submission of us President Donald Trump’s tax returns. This is stated in the documents received in the electronic database of the court.

Lawyers for the chief of staff appealed to the court against the ruling of the Federal court for the southern district of New York. He earlier in the day rejected a lawsuit filed by trump demanding that the Prosecutor’s attempts to obtain his tax returns be declared illegal. The court of appeal decided to prohibit the issuance of these materials for the duration of the proceedings. It is planned to go through an accelerated procedure.

The American leader sought to have been recognized as illegal the actions of the Prosecutor of the district of New York Cyrus Vance. The latter had previously sent a subpoena to the US division of the French-based firm Mazars demanding to provide data on tax deductions of Trump and his company Trump Organization since 2011. The Prosecutor emphasized that he needs to get acquainted with the specified materials in connection with the proceeding which is carried out by it. It concerns the role that Trump could allegedly play in paying money for silence to women who claimed to have had an intimate relationship with him in the past. Mazars has previously prepared financial statements for Trump, his family members, and his business.

A Federal court has ruled to dismiss Trump’s lawsuit. Judge Victor Marrero stressed that he does not see any damage to President of the United States in the case of publication of information about his tax deductions. The ruling also notes that the requirement to recognize Vance’s actions as illegal “goes beyond the powers of the Executive branch.” Marrero felt that the court can not forbid to send requests for information about the American leader.
Trump’s lawsuit claimed that Vance’s actions were contrary to the American Constitution. The lawyers of the American leader drew attention to the fact that US laws prohibit conducting a criminal investigation against the incumbent President of the country. The document also stressed that it is unacceptable to conduct proceedings based on political motives and to interfere with the work of the head of state.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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