The court supported Congress in the issue of providing Bank documents of Trump

Meanwhile, the judges stressed the need to protect sensitive personal information.

A federal appeals court in New York on Tuesday upheld the legality of congressional subpoenas demanding the release of President Donald Trump’s Bank details but said sensitive personal information should be protected.

The corresponding decision was made by a panel of three judges in the court of appeals for the Second circuit. Judge Debra Ann Livingston expressed partial disagreement with the majority opinion, noting that the lower court should take a closer look at the “serious issues” raised in the case and give the parties time to negotiate.

The court ruled that the judge had earlier made a lawful decision, rejecting the request of the President and his children to block the subpoenas.

Meanwhile, the President’s lawyer called the subpoena “inherently invalid” and said Trump could appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.

The financial services Committee and the House Intelligence Committee have asked Deutsche Bank and Capital One to provide documents related to Trump’s business interests. According to the committees’ lawyers, access to these documents is necessary to investigate possible “foreign interference in the American political process” and possible money laundering.
Trump and his three children challenged the subpoenas through the courts.

In May, district judge Edgardo Ramos said that Trump and his company were unlikely to prove the illegality and unconstitutionality of the subpoenas.

The court of the next instance supported this view, noting the need to provide for a procedure to protect confidential information and allowing the parties to challenge the disclosure of some documents.
Deutsche Bank has been lending to trump’s company for years.

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