The court ruled that the New York Attorney General’s office has the right to obtain Trump’s tax returns

The President is expected to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court.

An appeal court in New York has ruled that the accounting company Mazars must turn over to the Prosecutor’s office President Donald Trump’s tax returns for eight years.

The court confirmed the right of the Prosecutor’s office to seek the execution of the summons sent to the company Mazars, whose services have long been used by the President. Because the administration is likely to appeal the decision, the case could reach the Supreme Court, where 5 of the 9 seats are currently held by conservative judges, two of whom were appointed by Trump himself.

Manhattan district attorney, Democrat Cyrus Vance, wants the President’s tax returns as part of a criminal investigation related to Trump’s family business. The scope of the investigation is unknown to the general public.

Vance agreed not to pursue the subpoena while the petition was pending before the Supreme Court. Under the agreement, Trump has 10 working days to appeal to the Supreme Court.

It was not possible to get comments from Trump’s lawyers, and Vance’s official spokesman declined to comment.

Trump broke with the long-standing tradition that presidential candidates release their tax returns during the campaign and incumbent presidents do so while in office. The administration is also blocking any attempts to obtain information about the President’s financial affairs.

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