The Court of Canada released a financial Director of Huawei on bail of $ 7.5 million

The court of the Canadian province of British Columbia on Tuesday, December 11, released on bail the financial Director of the Chinese company Huawei Technologies Meng Wanzhou, arrested at the request of Washington in Vancouver. This writes the newspaper Deutsche Welle.

The verdict is based on the results of three days of hearings. The Deposit amount will be 7.5 million dollars (6.6 million euros).
At the same time, the judge announced a number of mandatory conditions: Meng Wanzhou will have to wear an electronic bracelet on a permanent basis, hand over a passport, not to leave Vancouver, and in the period from 23.00 to 06.00 to remain on the territory of one of the two houses belonging to her in the city.

Beijing increased pressure on Toronto

A few hours before the announcement of the verdict in China in order to put pressure on Toronto, a former employee of the canadian Embassy in Beijing, Michael Kovrig, was detained.

“We are deeply concerned… and are making every effort to take care of his safety,” — responded to the incident, the Minister of public security of Canada Ralph Goodale.

What is Huawei’s financial Director suspected of?

Meng Wanzhou was arrested on December 1. The daughter of Huawei’s founder and one of the company’s Vice-chairmen is suspected of violating trade sanctions imposed by Washington against Iran. She faces extradition to the United States.
Beijing protested against the detention of a Chinese citizen in Canada and called for her immediate release. The statement of the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa states that Meng Wanzhou ” has not violated any laws of the United States or Canada.”
Earlier, the Wall Street Journal wrote that the US government was trying to convince its allies to abandon the use of telecommunications equipment produced by the Chinese concern Huawei. Western intelligence agencies suspect that the equipment supplied to them can be used for espionage in the interests of the Chinese authorities.

Author: Flyn Braun
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