The couple lost 140 kilograms and revealed the secret of success

Spouses Becky and Ethan Speizer from Illinois for two years lost more than 140 kilograms and told the portal Today how they managed it.

They were overweight from an early age: Becky weighed about 140 kilograms and Ethan-more than 195 kilograms.

However, they decided to lose weight during a vacation in 2018, during a trip to an amusement park with their two children.

“But it all started with difficulties when I couldn’t fit in the airplane seat even with an extended seat belt,” the man said.

The extra weight prevented the couple from enjoying their vacation, so when they returned home, the couple decided to lose weight and start a healthier lifestyle.

Ethan changed his diet and started working out — he immediately noticed the results. Becky went the other way and tried many diets, but her experience was less successful. Six months later, she began following her husband’s diet plan, which followed a keto diet, limited carbohydrates in the diet, and counted calories.

His wife noted that during the pandemic, she realized the importance of a positive attitude. She also urged not to focus on winning or losing in the fight against excess weight.

In just two years, they lost about 142 kilograms thanks to the fact that they could motivate each other at every stage of the journey.

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