The congressmen have agreed on a delay in the submission of financial documents Trump

Earlier, the appeals court ruled that the accounting company Mazars must turn over documents to the oversight Committee.

The House oversight committee told the Supreme Court it agreed to a delay of no more than 10 days under a lower court ruling that ordered President Donald Trump’s accounting company to turn over his financial documents to lawmakers.

The delay allows the Supreme Court to consider the administration’s motion filed Friday to block the ruling issued by the D.C. court of appeals.

Trump appealed to the Supreme Court after a lower court last week rejected his request to review an October decision that affirmed the Committee’s right to request Trump’s financial documents from the accounting company Mazars.

The President asked the court to postpone temporarily the execution of the summons. The President’s lawyers also want to seek a delay while the case is heard in the courts.
The Committee’s lawyers, in a letter to the Supreme Court, said they were willing to agree to a 10-day delay “out of respect for this court,” but did not agree to a long pause. The Supreme Court has not yet ruled on the Committee’s proposal.

If the Supreme Court refuses to hear trump’s appeal, the documents will have to be turned over to lawmakers. Five votes are needed to satisfy the petition. Currently, 5 of the 9 seats on the Supreme Court are held by conservatives.

The Supreme Court is also considering another case involving the trump documents. Last Thursday, Trump asked the court to reconsider a New York appeals court ruling that a local Prosecutor’s office could seek to enforce a subpoena sent to Mazars demanding that Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns be provided for the period from 2011 to 2018.

The oversight committee sent a subpoena this year, saying the documents are needed to determine whether Trump has complied with laws to disclose his assets and to assess whether those laws need to be changed.

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