The concept of a “quantum battery” is developed, which completely does not lose charge

Scientists from the universities of Alberta and Toronto, Canada, jointly developed a project for a new quantum battery, which differs from everything else like that in that it absolutely has no leakage of its own, in other words, it does not completely lose its charge, which can be stored in it indefinitely. The research conducted by scientists includes a demonstration of the possibility of creating a quantum battery without its own leak, which was predicted in theory some time ago.

“A quantum battery is a tiny nanoscale device that can power nanorobots and other mechanisms with the nano prefix,” says Gabriel Hanna, project’s supervisor, “The lithium-ion batteries used in every mobile electronic device are based using classical electrochemical processes. The principles of quantum batteries are based solely on the bizarre and mysterious laws of quantum mechanics. ”

In their work, scientists considered a model of a quantum network with a symmetrical structure, which acts as a platform for the conservation of energy of excitons, quasiparticles, arising from the absorption of a sufficiently high-energy light photon by an electron. Using this model, scientists have shown the possibility of storing this energy without loss, despite the fact that the storage is completely open to the environment.

“The key to all of this is what we call the term“ dark state ”,” explains Gabriel Hana, “being in this state, the quantum system cannot exchange energy with the environment, it becomes completely invulnerable to any external influence. This means that the quantum battery has no losses and is very reliable, that is, it is capable of storing energy for an arbitrarily long time. ”

Using the same models, scientists found a way to extract the energy stored in a quantum battery if necessary, this method consists in a controlled violation of the symmetry of the quantum network, which allows you to release exactly as much energy as is needed at a given time. And further efforts by Canadian scientists will be aimed at finding workable methods of charging and discharging quantum batteries, increasing their capacity to values ​​when it will be possible to think about their practical application.

If scientists succeed in realizing all of the above, then quantum batteries can be used in a wide range of quantum technologies, including for supplying energy to portable mobile quantum computers when they appear in this world. And the most interesting is that such quantum batteries can already be manufactured using modern technologies used in nanotechnology and in the manufacture of semiconductor electronic devices.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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