The CIA offered to solve a logical problem on the social network. Can you?

On the official CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) of the United States on Twitter, a puzzle on analytical thinking appeared.

The post contains a drawn image showing a snow-covered town from a low height. All those who want to test their analytical skills need to understand how much time is in the picture. There are three answers: 3 pm, 7 am, 11 am.

In a commentary on the post, CIA representatives note that the majority of users answered correctly. And they even offer those interested in checking what specialists the department is currently lacking on a special page of their official website.

The correct answer is 7 am. The image shows buses in yellow with wheel marks on the asphalt. Most likely, they are school students. So it’s early morning or afternoon. There are several unmarked cars parked near the ski resort next to them – probably in the early morning. The ski lift is not working yet – morning. Lanterns are lit on the street – they would hardly start working at 11 am or 3 pm. There are no ski tracks on the slope – probably earlier in the morning.

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