The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem will open after two-month quarantine

The Church of the Resurrection (the Holy Sepulchre) in the Old City of Jerusalem will reopen to the faithful on Sunday, May 24, after two-month quarantine, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem said in a statement.

“In connection with the changing (epidemiological) situation in the Holy Land, we, the heads of the three churches (Greek Orthodox, Catholic, and Armenian Apostolic), the custodians of the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre and Resurrection, would like to inform you that starting from the next Sunday, May 24, the Shrine will again be available to the faithful to visit and pray,” the Patriarchate said in a statement published on its official website.

At first, the number of visitors to the Temple will be limited to 50 for security reasons, and to avoid a new outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus infection, the statement said. Entrance to the Basilica will only be available to healthy people with average body temperature, without symptoms of the disease, with the mandatory presence of a mask.

Believers will also be required to observe a two-meter distance and refrain from physical contact and to touch shrines (stones, icons, clerical vestments), according to a statement from the Patriarchate.