The Chinese Space Administration has published a video from Mars

The National Space Administration of China has published a video of the progress of the mission of the Tianwen-1 spacecraft on Mars. The corresponding video appeared on YouTube.

In the frames, you can see an endless yellowish-brown desert, as well as Martian valleys and small craters. In addition, there is the moment of opening the parachute of the lander, as well as the crossing of the planet’s surface by the Zhurong rover (“Zhuzhong”). At the same time, the recording from the rover is accompanied by an original sound and a view of the planet’s surface.

The first Chinese probe to study Mars, Tianwen-1, was launched at the end of July 2020. The total weight of Tianwen-1 is about five tons, of which 3.7 tons fall on the orbital station.

Earlier it was reported that Tianwen-1 took new pictures of Mars. A message on the CGTN website says that the space station took three photos of Mars in high resolution: two panchromatic and one color. The images were obtained by a high-resolution camera at a distance of 330 to 350 kilometers from the object. Journalists noticed that on the captured “Tianwen-1” images, you can see small craters, ridges, dunes, and other relief of the Red Planet.

In May, China landed a spacecraft on the Red Planet for the first time in history.

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