The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that Beijing was not involved in hacking Microsoft programs

The foreign ministry noted that the accusations against the government of a particular country in hacking are “a susceptible political issue.”

The Chinese authorities are opposed to cyber-attacks and have nothing to do with attempts to carry out the hacking of the American corporation Microsoft software. This was stated on Wednesday by the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin.

China is strongly opposed to any type of cyberattack. This is our clear and unambiguous position,” he said at a regular briefing, commenting on the situation with Microsoft. “As for the accusations of hacking against the government of a particular country, this is a susceptible political issue.”

The diplomat pointed out the existence of complex and ambiguous content in the network space, which is formed by the mass media and various blogs. “We hope that the relevant media and companies will take a professional and responsible position <…> and will not make groundless accusations,” Wang Wenbin concluded.

On Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled an update to its Exchange Server software amid concerns that some private companies in the United States may have been targeted by a group of hackers allegedly linked to China.

Author: Steve Cowan
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