The Chinese coronavirus vaccine will be tested in 3-4 months

The first Chinese coronavirus vaccines may begin testing in humans in three to four months. The Chief Executive officer of the World Health Organization (WHO) Soumya Swaminathan announced this.

“Medium-term priorities concern the development of vaccines and medicines for this disease. Four possible vaccines are already in development. Most likely, the first or second will be tested on people in three or four months. This in itself will be very fast progress,” said Swaminathan.

The head of WHO added that the vaccine might become available in 12-18 months. Now scientists have an urgent task to determine how the virus is transmitted from person to person and how people were infected with it in general.

Swaminathan announced the development of vaccines at a two-day summit held in Geneva on February 11 and 12. About 400 experts attended it. The main goal of the event was to identify gaps in knowledge about the new coronavirus and coordinate efforts to treat it.

The coronavirus began spreading in China at the end of December, the first to get sick were residents and visitors to Wuhan. For a month and a half, 48 thousand people were infected with it, more than 1.3 thousand of them died.

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