The Chinese are calling for a boycott of the US products

In Beijing, the special forces strengthened the protection of the Сanadian and American embassies.

The tensions between China and the United States around the arrest of Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou in Canada threatens to result in protests near their diplomatic missions in the Chinese capital, as well as a boycott of American goods.

The Chinese are calling for a boycott of the US products

On Tuesday, around the Canadian Embassy in Beijing appeared reinforced mobile groups of police special forces. The police do not allow passers-by to stop near the diplomatic mission and take photos with a view of it, the correspondent of TASS reports from the scene. Similar measures are being taken at the US Embassy.
“Growing tensions are prompting some Chinese firms and citizens to boycott American goods,” the Beijing Global Times writes on Tuesday. As an example, the publication cites a statement published by the Shenzhen-based company in the South of the country, Menpad, engaged in the production of various “smart” devices.

The company announced that from now “in support of Huawei” will give preference to the chips of this manufacturer, as well as will pay its employees 15% of the cost of mobile phones manufactured by Huawei, which they will purchase for personal use. Those employees who are caught with an Apple mobile phone in their hands will be “punished” with a fine in the amount of the market value of the American mobile phone. Also Menpad renounces to buy cars of production of the USA.

Another Chinese company-based in Sichuan province, Chengdu RYD-has announced its intention to replace all its equipment with Huawei products. The firm also promises subsidies to its employees for the purchase of Huawei mobile phones.

“We just want to show our sense of patriotism and help the prosperity of our staff,” the Chinese newspaper explained these measures to the management of the Sichuan company.

The movement for the boycott of Apple is gaining momentum in Chinese social networks, where relevant posts are increasingly appearing.

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