The Chinese admired Putin’s interview with NBC

Readers of the Chinese newspaper “Guancha” highly appreciated Vladimir Putin’s interview with the American TV channel NBC.

In particular, they admired the proverb that the Russian leader mentioned when journalist Keir Simmons raised the issue of human rights violations in the country. In response, the president recalled the riots in the Capitol and added: “There is nothing to blame on the mirror when the face is crooked.”

“Look at Putin’s calmness, and then pay attention to Biden’s anxious and pale face. If you compare the two of them, it will be like heaven and earth!” expressed the opinion of one of the commentators.

“As expected from Putin! Amazing! ” said another user of the site.

“There is nothing to blame on the mirror if the face is crooked. What a good expression,” another reader stressed.

“This incident again shows how the West is accelerating the loss of its tiny morale, so that their reporters can only demonstrate their influence by angering the interviewees,” the users concluded.

The Russian president gave an interview to NBC on the eve of a meeting with his American counterpart Joe Biden. The summit will take place tomorrow at the Villa La Grange in Geneva.

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