The cause of lung damage in coronavirus is named

Vice-President of the Russian scientific medical society of therapists, doctor of medical sciences, Professor Leonid Lazebnik, told that COVID-19 damages the hemoglobin gene, resulting in the iron atom being blocked. Because of this, an excess of iron is formed in the body, which prevents the exchange of oxygen.

As a result, this leads to oxygen starvation-hypoxia syndrome.

According to Lazebnik, the development of such a complication can be traced using the level of ferritin in the body — a protein produced in the liver and collects iron in the body. Its excess can provoke a cytokine storm, that is, an overreaction of the immune system. The body produces an excessive number of immune cells. This condition leads to a deterioration of human health.
Doctors from China, as Lazebnik recalled, and then from the United States and Israel saw that the changes in the lungs that occur with coronavirus infection are not similar to pneumonia. This indirectly confirms that CT can only detect the lesion of the lung tissue, and x-ray examination shows usual pneumonia.

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