The candidate in the elections in Venezuela spoke about the priorities of the new Parliament

The new composition of the National Assembly of Venezuela will be designed primarily to strengthen the country’s sovereignty and economy – to restore what was lost by the previous Parliament, the candidate from the Somos Venezuela party, which is part of the Pro-government “Patriotic coalition,” Inder Romero said.

“In the new National Assembly, we will be able to make stronger the law of Nicolas Maduro against the blockade. The primary task of the new Assembly will be to restore what was lost earlier and strengthen our position in the struggle for our sovereignty. At the same time, effective mechanisms are needed since our economy has been heavily attacked, and we are under siege. The main two areas are sovereignty and the economy,” Romero said.

According to the representative of the Samos Venezuela party, the opposition is less likely to win this election than before since the part of the population that did not support the government before is now disappointed with the actions of the opposition.

“A few years ago, people who, for example, voted for Juan Guaido, are wondering what they did when they were in the National Assembly. They made every effort only to fight against President Nicolas Maduro. They think something like this: “I don’t support the government, but I’m disappointed in the opposition in this country”… In reality, many people standing in line at a gas station most likely think that they are against the government. Still, at the same time, they are convinced that the opposition, for which they voted in 2015, provoked this situation – the economic blockade of Venezuela,” Romero explained.

The politician recalled that it was decided to expand the National Assembly from 177 seats to 277. One of the main reasons, according to him, is the growth of the country’s population, which made it necessary to increase the number of parliamentarians. Romero also noted that the proposal to expand the Assembly came from representatives of the opposition as part of the national dialogue in 2019.

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