The British Foreign Ministry denied the data on the warning shots of Russia on the destroyer

The British Foreign Ministry has denied data on warning shots fired by Russia at the British destroyer Defender in the Black Sea. This was announced by the head of the British Foreign Ministry, Dominic Raab, his words are transmitted by Reuters.

The diplomat stressed that Moscow’s explanation of the circumstances of the incident was “predictably inaccurate.”

Before that, the British Ministry of Defense stated that the destroyer Defender made a peaceful passage in the territorial waters of Ukraine in accordance with international law. The ministry also denied information that warning shots were fired by the Russian side.

The BBC journalist Jonathan Beale, who was on board the ship, told his version of events, which contradicts the position of the British authorities. According to him, the crew of the ship heard warning shots of Russia.

“There were increasingly hostile warnings on the radio, including one that said:” If you don’t change course, I will shoot.” We heard shots at a distance, but it seems that they were beyond the range of destruction,” Beale said. Subsequently, the journalist published a video report from the destroyer, which confirmed his statements.

On June 23, the British destroyer Defender crossed the Russian border at 11: 52 and entered the territorial waters off Cape Fiolent for three kilometers. According to the Russian military, the destroyer was warned about the use of weapons in case of border violations. The Russian border patrol ship twice performed a warning fire, the Su-24M conducted a warning bombing along the course of the destroyer. At 12:23, Defender left Russian waters.

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