The British developed a plan to combat the coronavirus 16 years ago and lost it

The UK has unveiled a plan to combat the coronavirus, which was developed 16 years ago and lost. The Independent reports this.

The United Kingdom government created a strategy for responding to the coronavirus outbreak back in 2005. The document was a response to the SARS epidemic, which was first discovered in China in 2003. Then the virus also quickly spread to all countries of the world and had a high probability of complications and a severe course of the disease, but the surge of infection was suppressed in eight months.

In this plan, it was recommended to create an infrastructure for testing for viruses and a large stock of personal protective equipment. The response to the pandemic included travel restrictions and the introduction of a self-isolation regime. The strategy also provided for special steps to prevent the “super-spread” of the infection. According to the government adviser, the British missed the chance to save tens of thousands of lives, as they did not use the document during the COVID-19 epidemic.

At the beginning of the increase in the incidence in March 2020, the ministers began preparing response measures from scratch. According to officials, no one knew about the developed plan. Instead, the authorities were partly guided by a strategy to combat pandemic influenza.

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