The British appreciated the training of Russian nuclear forces

The British tabloid The Daily Mail reported on Russian nuclear forces’ training, accompanying the material with words about “preparing for nuclear war” and “escalating tensions with the West.” The publication caused an active response from readers in the comments.

As the Ministry of Defense previously reported, during the maneuvers, the Russian military worked out the actions of calculations of the strategic missile launchers, crews of strategic aviation, and a nuclear submarine of the Northern fleet.

“These annoying Russians. How dare they conduct military exercises like any other country in the world, and how dare they constantly bring their borders closer to NATO?” – speak the user illuminated_one ironically.

“Nothing is surprising in this. Any country conducts military tests,” said Mummy Badgers.

“I did not see any stories about the aggression of Great Britain when the Royal Navy launched (a ballistic missile) Trident D5 in 2016, or the United States when they launched four of the same almost a year ago. This is strange,” lestera1 pointed out.

“The United States annually tests several Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), as well as conducts training bombardments. There is no reason to be outraged when we do the same,” said Hollow 81.

“How about a headline telling us about US warships patrolling the Black and China seas, or about NATO planes flying along the Russian border?”  Poppy Clarke asked.

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