The British appreciated Putin’s reaction to the scandalous Biden statement

Readers of the Daily Mail commented on Vladimir Putin’s interview with the American TV channel NBC.

During a conversation with a journalist, the Russian president noted that he was not surprised by Joe Biden’s scandalous statement to him and was already used to attacks from all sides.

“I like how Putin laughed at Obama, and now he laughs at Biden. They just amuse him. He doesn’t care what Biden thinks, and, frankly, the rest of the world, too,” said a user with the nickname Facts Not Optional.

“Putin does not tolerate insults and protects his country, our leaders could learn from him,” smithp1 said.

“Biden is a rambling old joke, he is not in a position to criticize anyone,” says UkiwiK.

“I believe Putin. Biden is a heartless liar. It seems that he freely makes shocking statements, but, in fact, cannot even make up a single sentence,” wrote Having my say.

“Putin is smart and chooses his words carefully, unlike Biden and others like him,” the users concluded. In March, the US president answered in the affirmative to a journalist’s question whether he considered Putin a murderer, and threatened Moscow with retribution for interfering in the elections. The Russian leader, in turn, wished his American counterpart good health.

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