“The Boys” series will have a spin-off about college superheroes

Before the fans had time to watch the long-awaited second season of “The Boys”, Amazon surprised with unexpected good news. The universe of the show is getting wider: now there will be a spin-off about college, in which people with superpowers study, and they have clearly hard times there. What is happening in this curious educational institution representatives of the streaming service have been compared to the “Hunger Games”, and Vought International will, of course, lead the horrors happening within the walls of the college.

It is expected that the main characters of the spin-off with might and main will invade each other’s “moral, physical and sexual boundaries and literally go over their heads in order to better settle in one of the largest US cities in the future.”

Those who love the most bloody and naturalistic shows have nothing to worry about. According to Variety, the new series will receive an adult rating and will retain the dark atmosphere of the original show. By the way, Craig Rosenberg and Eric Kripke, the authors of “Boys”, will again undertake the creation of the spin-off.

As it turned out, the additional show of the universe had been thought over for a long time, but Amazon was cautious, not knowing how the audience would perceive the second season of Boys. However, the story took off and the audience for the show increased by 89%, so the work on the spin-off was in full swing.

Recall that “Boys” is an adaptation of the comic strip of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darik Robertson, in which the world is inhabited by vain and cruel superheroes. New episodes of the show air on Fridays.

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