The body of the mysteriously missing star of the TV series “Glee” Naya Rivera was found

Law enforcement authorities exclude the version of suicide.

The body of a Glee star Rivera Naya was discovered on Monday in lake Piru, California.

Local Sheriff bill Ayub is sure that this is the dead actress, but a forensic medical examination will make the final verdict. Law enforcement authorities exclude the version of suicide and consider the death of the 33-year-old artist a tragic accident.

Rivera’s body was found in the northeastern part of the lake, near the surface of the water. Investigators checked the star’s FaceTime calls to her family to coordinate the search, as well as interviewing witnesses who rented boats on the day she went missing.

The little son of actress Josie, who was found alone in the boat, said that the mother dived, but could not swim out and disappeared under the water. Sherif Ayub noted that there was a powerful current at the time, and the boat was not anchored. Perhaps that’s why the actress couldn’t return and drowned.

Rivera’s family arrived at the scene of the body’s discovery. Also, her memory on the lakeshore was honored by colleagues on the series “Glee.” They stood shoulder to shoulder with the closest Naya and held hands, looking at the surface of the water.

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