“The Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco walks her dog in a pram

Kayleigh’s fans were moved by her fresh photos taken by the paparazzi.

Actress Kaley Cuoco was recently seen walking with her sister Briana in New York, and Cuoco is currently filming The Flight Attendant there.

Kayleigh left the house with a mask on her face, in a spacious sweater, and with a stroller in which her elderly dog ​​Dumpy was sitting. Kayleigh adopted the pet in the summer and he quickly became the hero of her Instagram. The actress bought a stroller especially for him.

“How lucky he is, not life, but a dream!”, “I only like strollers if Sir Dumpy is in them”, “Kayleigh, take me to your place when I get old, please”, “What a face! I wonder what he thinks about while sitting in a wheelchair, “Kayleigh’s fans write in the comments. The actress, meanwhile, cannot stop communicating with a new family member, her page has turned into a gallery of photos and videos with Dumpy, and Kayleigh continues to share her delight with a new friend.

Jennifer Garner could have kept Kayleigh funny company because she also walks her cat in the stroller. True, in Garner’s case, it was a compromise to get her children out of the house.

One of my children doesn’t like going for walks. I was sure that it was time for us to go out and change the environment. And the child said: “I want to take a cat with us”. And we took him in a stroller, explained the actress and added that the cat “was satisfied.”

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