The Biden administration said that the response to cyber-attacks would not be limited to sanctions

Measures can be taken to reduce the ability of “foreign actors” to carry out such actions in cyberspace, said Ron Klain.

The new US administration’s response to cyberattacks such as the one recorded recently will not be limited to sanctions. Still, it will also include measures to reduce the ability of “foreign actors” to carry out such actions in cyberspace. This was announced on Sunday on CBS television by Ron Klain, who was appointed by the US president-elect, democrat Joseph Biden, as the chief of staff of the White House staff.

“There is still a large amount of uncertainty about the purpose of these attacks. Whether they were focused on the espionage? Were they intended to harm us? I think there are still many unanswered questions about the purpose, nature, and scope of these particular attacks. We look forward to learning more about them. In terms of the measures that the Biden administration will take in response to an attack like this, these are not just sanctions. These also step that we can take to reduce the ability of foreign actors to repeat this kind of attack or, even worse, to engage in even more dangerous attacks,” Klain said.

On Sunday, Reuters, citing sources, reported that advisers to US President-elect Joseph Biden are discussing the possibility of imposing sanctions against Russia and damaging Russian computer systems in connection with a cyberattack against US government agencies, which Washington attributes to Moscow. The agency notes that these discussions of Biden’s aides are still “theoretical.” The Democrat’s entourage will clarify the action plan after his inauguration on January 20, 2021, when “it will assess all the capabilities of the United States.” Biden’s aides will also review US intelligence information about what happened before making any decisions, the source said.

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