The beauty queen Ximena Hita died under mysterious circumstances

Model Ximena Hita the one who was supposed to participate in the beauty contest “Miss Mexico,” was found dead at their home. This is written by The Sun.

The exact circumstances of 21-year-old Jimena’s death remain a mystery. Police believe she may have committed suicide just weeks before the contest.

A law enforcement official said that preliminary data indicate suicide, but an investigation will be conducted to determine the true cause of the girl’s death. Forensics is already working on it.

According to one version, the cause of death of the girl was drugs, according to Infobae. It is also possible that the model could have been killed.

Ximena Hita received the title of “Miss Aguascalientes” in 2019 and was one of the contenders for the contest” Miss Mexico 2021,” scheduled to take place on March 13.

In addition to participating in beauty contests, the girl worked as a nurse and studied in the Mexican city of Aguascalientes to master this profession.

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