The Austrian diplomat called the advantage of the “Nord stream-2”

Replacing or displacing the existing gas delivery routes with Nord Stream 2 is not being considered, the project contributes to ensuring safe and inexpensive gas supplies, said Robert Gershner, an adviser-envoy of the Austrian Embassy, who heads the delegation of the diplomatic mission at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

“The question of how and how much Russian gas will be imported to Austria in the future is for OMV (Austria’s OMV is one of the creditors of “Nord stream-2”) and Gazprom. In any case, the forecasts predict an increase in European import needs in the coming years. Thus, we are not talking about replacing or displacing the existing gas delivery routes with “Nord stream-2.” The transit of Russian gas through Ukraine, as you know, is also secured by the contract in the coming years. The keyword to answer the question is the diversification of delivery routes. Based on this, “Nord stream-2″ contributes to ensuring safe and low-cost gas supplies to Europe,” Gershner said.

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