The attack by “Russian hackers” affected 250 US departments and companies

More than 250 government agencies and large companies in the United States have been subjected to a cyberattack by “Russian hackers” allegedly linked to Russian intelligence services. Free News writes with reference to The New York Times.

According to The New York Times, the “early warning” sensors of the US Cyber Command and the National Security Agency, installed in foreign networks to detect potential threats, did not work in this attack. Among the attack victims were the Ministries of Finance, Trade, Energy, the State Department, and the Pentagon. The attack was suspected by the Cozy Bear group, which is traditionally associated with the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. During the attack, hackers used the SolarWinds platform and other access points.

Moreover, the publication notes, SolarWinds has transferred most of its design to support offices in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Belarus.

Earlier, Microsoft reported that on December 17, 40 organizations became victims of the attack. Amazon conducted its own investigations, and the number of victims of the attack increased. CrowdStrike also announced the attack. According to her, the hackers tried to hack through a firm that sells Microsoft Office 365 software. On December 31, they gained access to the company’s internal information about its software code but could not make changes.

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