The assailant of a policeman at the Pentagon had previously chased neighbors

Austin Lantz, who attacked a police officer near the Pentagon building this week, had previously chased neighbors, the Washington Post reported.

On August 3, Lantz attacked a police officer with a knife in the Pentagon parking lot and inflicted fatal wounds on him. Another passerby was injured. After that, Lantz took the weapon from the wounded policeman and committed suicide.

According to the newspaper, 27-year-old Lantz left mysterious notes to a couple who lived next to him. The neighbors called the police, but they were only told to buy security cameras there.

In addition, Lantz once attached a large poster to the door of a neighbor, and another time left a bottle of juice and a cigarette near his door. Finally, in April 2021, Lantz climbed into the house of his neighbors. He did not steal anything and did not harm anyone but was detained by the police for illegal entry into the home. At the police station, he cursed the police, for which he received additional charges. He was subsequently released.

According to neighbor Philip Brent, he is not surprised that Lantz turned out to be the attacker at the Pentagon.

“He looked at us with the most frightening, unpleasant look and waved at us,” the Brand said.

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