The App Store has removed an app popular with Trump supporters

Apple has removed messaging app Parler, which is used by US President Donald Trump supporters, from its online store, CNBC reports, citing a statement from a company representative.

Earlier, Google blocked the app in its online store, as “there were calls for violence on the platform.”

Apple said that user posts in Parler related to the riots in the US Capitol contained calls for violence, which violates the company’s rules.

“We have always supported different points of view … but there is no place for threats of violence and illegal activities on our platform. Parler has not taken adequate measures to prevent the spread of these security threats. We have blocked Parler in the App Store until they solve these problems,” the TV channel quotes Apple’s statement.

Later, Amazon announced that it also ceases to cooperate with Parler, writes CNBC. The company’s cloud service, Amazon Web Services, has notified Parler that it will no longer provide services to them as of Sunday.

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