The ancient tsunami destroyed part of the Falkland Islands. It could happen again!

The ancient tsunami destroyed part of the Falkland Islands. This conclusion was reached by geologists at Heriot-Watt University, writes the BBC.

A group of geologists led by Dr. Wisdeen Nicholson discovered evidence of the ancient destruction of the Falkland Islands. Not far from this territory, at the bottom of the sea, scientists found traces of a giant underwater landslide that could create tsunamis of tens of meters.

The volume of landslides on the seabed was up to 100 cubic km. Scientists note that underwater landslides in this place are due to the fact that the so-called Subantarctic current creates a narrow channel at the bottom of the sea, and a fast stream of water simply erodes the underwater parts of the islands.

Tsunami destroyed Falkland Islands

According to the study, over the past three million years, the Falkland Islands have been hit by a 40-meter tsunami at least four times only due to landslides. At the same time, geologists are conducting research in this region to establish the exact dates of the last landslides and to find out the state of the bottom for today.

Underwater landslides often cause large tsunamis. For example, in 1998, an underwater landslide sent waves of 15 m high to Papua New Guinea, which killed 2,200 people.

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