The ancient English worshiped hens and hares

The ancient inhabitants of the British Isles worshiped hens and hares. This conclusion was made by scientists from the team of professor of archeology Naomi Sykes in his material published on the blog of the British Research Council of the Arts and Humanities (AHRC).

Archaeologists have discovered that the ancient inhabitants of the British Isles buried chickens and hares intact, while they performed such actions until the Roman conquest.

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At the same time, these peoples did not use hares and hens as food – their bones in these regions have never had traces of cutting, but they buried them with honors. This is probably connected with the modern tradition, in which these animals are one of the symbols of Easter in this region.

Researchers note that the mention can be found in the records of Caesar, who wrote that the British consider eating rabbits, chickens and geese contrary to the “divine law.” Other Roman authors who studied the ancient British peoples have the same notes.

Archeology Britany map

Such cults began to fade only with the establishment of Christianity in Britain, especially the ban on eating four-legged creatures in Great Lent was especially influential – this stimulated the use of hens.

Author: Flyn Braun
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