The analyst explained the dispute between Trump and Merkel over the “Nord stream-2”

The following US sanctions against “Nord stream-2,” currently being discussed in Washington, may affect German companies, said Igor Yushkov, an expert at the Financial University under the government of Russia, a leading analyst at the national energy security Fund.

Earlier, the newspaper Politico, citing sources, reported that during a telephone conversation between US President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, there were “hot differences,” in particular on the situation with the gas pipeline.

The expert explained that the Germans are interested in supplying cheap Russian fuel, but due to American policy, Europe may face a shortage of it.

“Accordingly, prices will increase, and American LNG suppliers will be able to supply gas to Europe cost-effectively. And now they are making losses and criticizing Germany for underpaying the NATO budget, demanding to pay them extra for gas, because it contains the “freedom molecule.” And the Germans are defending their freedom of choice and the ability to buy cheap Russian gas, not expensive American gas,” Yushkov said.

The expert also clarified that the introduction of new sanctions against “Nord stream-2” could negatively affect Berlin itself.

“The pipeline goes to the coast of Germany, which receives gas from the pipe — and it turns out that sanctions should be imposed against the operator and regulator of the land part of the project, that is Germany,” he said.