The Americans have chosen the developers of the unmanned winged Skyborg

The United States Air Force has selected four companies to develop unmanned wingmen under the Skyborg program. They are Kratos, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and General Atomics.

Each company on Thursday received a contract worth up to $ 400 million. Other details of the agreement were not disclosed.

As part of the Skyborg program, the US Air Force hopes to get an unmanned wingman for manned winged vehicles. Drones, in particular, will have to act as wingmen of fifth-generation fighters.

It is assumed that one aircraft will be able to control several UAVs. They will accompany the fighter in combat, flying ahead with radars on to detect enemy aircraft. Manned vehicles will be able to receive information from the UAV, without turning on radar stations and, accordingly, without disclosing their location.

In recent years, the program has been developing very actively. Recall that in June this year it became known that the Pentagon wants to replace some of the F-16 fighters with new UAVs. And in May, information emerged that the United States had announced a competition to create artificial intelligence for an unmanned wingman.