The Americans appreciated the general’s words about the strike on Russia

Visitors to the website of the Fox News channel criticized retired General Jack Keane for his proposal to strike back at Moscow in cyberspace and “knock out” Russian hackers.

Earlier the military called on US President Joe Biden to make Russia “answer for everything.”

“Completely suppress their oil and gas industry with sanctions! Let all these guys connected with her, and all the Russians in general, go around the world!” Keane said.

The Americans questioned the country’s capabilities in cyberspace and ridiculed the ideas of the military commander.

“Easy to say, General, but hard to do. <…> Over the past few years, America has fallen hopelessly behind in cyber technology, not only from China, Russia, and Israel but even from smaller Eastern European countries,” inthebellyofthebeast193 wrote.

He noted that the United States is losing to its competitors both in terms of defense and offensive capabilities.

“America is now more interested in the fact that men who think they are women can compete on equal terms at the Olympics!” “I’m sorry,” he said.

“You yourself have been driving the Russians into the current situation for the past seven years, right? And they just followed your advice!” DaCultfider wrote.

He explained that Russia over the years has developed agriculture, industry, began to trade with China in national currencies, and now refuses the dollar as a reserve.

“You gave the Russians good advice, and they followed it wisely. So what do you want now?!”What is it?” he asked.

“Joe Biden doesn’t have the strength to stand up to Putin!” Ennaxor said.

Rockybo574 agreed with him. The user called the American government unhappy and said that the States will not succeed.

“To force Putin to answer? Shouldn’t we hold China accountable for the coronavirus pandemic, Fauci for his lies about it, and Biden for his corruption and bribes in Ukraine?! TroythePatriot asked.

“Well, well, let Biden try to call Putin to account if he jumps!” SSN591 wrote.

The reader recalled that the American leader has not yet called his son to account. The user also wrote that Putin puts Russia’s interests above all else. Old69GTO said there is no evidence yet that the attacks on the US were carried out by Russian hackers and that they are linked to the Kremlin.

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