The American military taught AI to predict the future several days in advance

The US military continues to experiment with artificial intelligence technologies. According to network sources, the US Northern Command has completed a series of tests as part of the Global Information Dominance Experiment (GIDE) by building an information system based on AI algorithms and cloud computing, which is capable of predicting the development of events for several days in advance.

The source notes that the use of this technology will lead to major changes in strategy during military and government operations. GIDE’s machine learning system is able to track the slightest changes in data, indicating the possibility of any problems, in real time. For example, if satellite images record the preparation of a submarine from a port of a hostile country, then the AI ​​algorithm will note this fact, assuming that the boat is likely to leave the berth. It would take military analysts hours or even days to comb through all the information and notice these changes, whereas the GIDE system does this task in seconds.

The advantages of using an AI system capable of predicting future events with high accuracy are obvious. Rather than simply reacting to what is happening and relying on already outdated data, the Pentagon could take proactive steps, for example, during military operations. It is assumed that the AI ​​system will be useful for civilian purposes, but what exactly it is planned to be used for is still unknown.

The last experimental test of the GIDE 3 system was the largest. The US military has used every available data channel, from intelligence to information obtained from civilian sources. It is noted that the technologies used by the military are not completely innovative, but it was within the framework of this project that they were combined together. According to the available data, the military use of the GIDE system may begin relatively soon. It is assumed that the next large-scale testing will take place during a global military exercise, which is scheduled for next spring.

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