The American media was struck by the breakthrough technology of the Russian torpedo

National Interest magazine admired the characteristics of the Soviet submarine torpedo VA-111 “Shkval.”

American journalists praised the technology with which the torpedo reached a very high speed. According to the authors, the Shkval engine, capable of providing a maximum speed of 370 kilometers per hour, was equipped with supercavitation technology. Gas was ejected from the torpedo’s nose, which formed a gas bubble around the projectile, minimizing contact with water.

Among the shortcomings of the torpedo, journalists highlighted the high level of noise during movement and relatively low maneuverability.

“Nevertheless, the incredible speed of the “Squall” leaves the enemy with very little chance of retaliatory measures, if applied at the right time,” the article says.

As noted in the publication, the development of a submarine missile from the USSR was due to the United States’ sharp breakthrough in the development of nuclear power plants.

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