The airline told about the “fate” of the mysterious monolith in the United States

American airline Southwest Airlines jokingly commented on the disappearance of a mysterious monolith of shiny metal found in Utah’s desert, two people tall.

The discovery, which resembles an alien structure, was made by employees of the State Department of public safety during a helicopter flight around the desert. The authorities refused to give the monolith’s exact location, but people were able to find it on their own. Later it became known that the object disappeared.

“Sorry, we had to take it back,” the airline said on Twitter.

Users appreciated the sense of humor of the carrier’s representatives.

“That’s incredible, well done!” — wrote @AdamAJohnson.

“Great, I’m happy. Mystery solved”, — said ironically @JO_clever_KE.

“That’s why I love you,” @JerseyGirl8 confessed.

“Is this really true?” asked @Brosner85.

The airline responded to the subscriber: “No, that’s not true. Actually”.

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