The aftermath of the Apple vs. Epic Games war: iPhones with Fortnite are selling for tens of thousands of dollars

Epic Games paid the price for its daring move by removing Fortnite from the App Store and it won’t be able to download. Yet users who installed the project before the incident can still play battle royale on their iPhones. Or sell at exorbitant prices.

eBay has announced the sale of an iPhone with Fortnite installed. Local hucksters quickly sensed the hype and decided to cash in before the shop was closed. If you write in the search “iPhone Fortnite”, then there are quite interesting lots.

One eBay user decided to sell his 512GB iPhone XS Max with Fortnite installed for $ 24,352.50 (or AU $ 34,000.00). It’s probably cheaper to pay hackers to hack the App Store and re-upload Fortnite.

The rest of the sellers decided not to be impudent, but the offers are impressive. One of the “entrepreneurs” even decided to sell his old iPhone 8 with Fortnite for $ 2,000.

There is also trading in the 256GB iPhone 11 powered by Fortnite, with a starting price of $ 950. If you want to buy without bidding, then get ready to give $ 2,700. In the description, the seller noted that the iPhone was used only to install Fortnite.

Price iPhone with Fortnite

Some sellers even started to get creative, pushing people to buy:

“The war between Epic Games and Apple is gaining momentum. Having an iPhone 11 Pro Max 256 Gb with Fornite installed at this time shows that you are a supporter of both corporations. Come on, buy, what are you waiting for ?, – writes the seller of the iPhone 11 Pro Max for $ 610.

A similar story happened with the game teaser for Silent Hills called P. T. When Hideo Kojima finally had a fight with Konami, the latter removed the “demo” from the PlayStation Store. As a result, eBay flooded the PlayStation 4 with P.T. for fabulous money. Even now, you can find lots for $ 800 and up.

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