The 3D model of the Perseverance rover appeared

Scientists from the United States have made a 3D copy of the Perseverance rover. So they were able to study even those details of the device, which were not discussed at NASA.

Independent US researchers have explained that the best way to figure out how a device works is to make a model of it. In this they were helped by software that allows them to do this work using computer modeling. However, this is often not enough – it is better to make a physical model with all the controls.

The scientists noted that they were able to recreate not only the general principles of the rover, but also the details of which manipulators and devices help work on Mars. They began the modeling process with a 3D rendering of Perseverance, which is available on the NASA website. They loaded it into the SolidWorks software, and then finished off the details of the rover, including just to display it correctly.

Thanks to the model, the researchers were able to figure out exactly how the six-wheeled twin-bogie design used on the Perseverance and Curiosity looks and functions. At the same time, they found out a fact that was not previously known: the body of the device is suspended from one point of support on each side, and the thrust located on the platform prevents the rotation of the body and provides differential control of the leading carts on both sides of the rover.

The video shows the entire process and 3D printing required for the manufacture of all parts of the model, as well as its assembly. It also shows how the Arduino controlled model is radio controlled. Next, the scientists want to recreate the SCARA 3D printed manipulator and automatic pipe bender.

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