The 25 best places to celebrate the New Year

Christmas and the New Year remain the most popular holidays on Earth. It is customary to prepare for them in advance, especially-to plans a meeting for the New Year. And it is not only about “how” or “with whom,” but also about “where.” Having the appropriate opportunities-a sin not to use them, because of the New Year’s eve in New York, Moscow, Dubai, Las Vegas, and many other places-is an unforgettable, unique experience. We will tell you about the 25 best places to celebrate the New Year.

New York, USA
It would help if you started with the city, attracting millions of people every year specifically to celebrate the New Year in Times Square. There is a huge crowd of happy friendly-minded people; there is a Grand show crowned by magnificent fireworks. In such a case it is worth to take part at least once!

Paris, France
On New Year’s eve, Paris, once nicknamed “the city of lights,” again begins to correspond to it. For example, take beautifully decorated with the Eiffel tower or the gorgeous fireworks launched from the Champs Elysées. And after the light show, you can visit one of the many local bars, clubs, and restaurants, whose names are known all over the world, or even take a festive walk through the Seine. It is worth noting that those who wish to celebrate the New Year in Paris are also enough, so if you want to get into their number-it, it is better to book a hotel room in advance, especially since you can expect a nice discount.

Vienna, Austria
The Christmas market in Vienna is one of the most popular themed places in the world. New Year holidays here also collect a huge number of tourists, so that the locals are trying to create the appropriate atmosphere — the old streets of this beautiful city are decorated, everywhere treated to mulled wine and other Goodies, you can buy unusual Souvenirs if you decide to celebrate the New Year in Vienna-be sure to visit the Hofburg Palace, Prater Park, and the local city hall.

Sydney, Australia
There are two main reasons to celebrate the New Year in Sydney. First — it is here that the New Year comes first due to the city’s geographical location. Secondly, in Sydney, organize the most large-scale fireworks-hundreds of volleys illuminating the famous Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera house-it’s just something!

Oahu, Hawaii.
The third-largest island of Hawaii, Oahu, is a suitable place for those who want to spend the outgoing year among the last, which is possible due to Hawaii’s geographical location. You will find warm weather, tropical landscapes, and other resort delights. In downtown Honolulu, is a festive party on the New Year’s occasion, the epicenter of which is in the Aloha tower. The holiday begins at 7 PM and lasts until 2 am. Guests can enjoy live music, dancing, and fireworks.

Las Vegas, NV, USA
Las Vegas is famous for its crazy parties that do not cease in the “gambling capital” year-round. It is not surprising that Las Vegas is the most popular domestic destination for the celebration of the New Year among US citizens. On the eve of the holiday, the city’s main Boulevard is closed to traffic — it turns into a giant dance floor for hundreds of thousands of people. At midnight, local casinos launch “dance” fireworks-a unique, in its kind, spectacle.

Los Angeles, California, United States
Another city that attracts crowds of both American and international tourists to spend the old year. In Los Angeles, there is literally everything for a perfect holiday: noisy parties, concerts, art exhibitions, light shows — the largest city in California knows how to relax beautifully.

Toronto, Canada
When it comes to celebrating the New Year, Toronto, Canada’s most populous city, can boldly compete with Los Angeles, New York, and other major cities. On Nathan square is an action similar to the New Year’s celebration in times square-there will affect the whole city, including many celebrities, decisively. People happily consider the time until midnight and enjoy large—scale fireworks.

Budapest, Hungary
Hungarians are big fans of a good holiday. In addition to fine cuisine, wishing to meet the New Year holidays in Budapest, waiting for many shows, ranging from classical balls and dance evenings to concerts and romantic cruises on the Danube river. And of course the charm of the local architecture — all this creates an amazing atmosphere.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
When you think of Rio de Janeiro, the first association that comes to mind is a carnival. Nevertheless, the celebration of the New Year is a great and active as the carnival. On the coast of Copacabana, the most famous Brazilian beach, you can witness the spectacular fireworks launched from barges floating in the ocean. To harmonize with the locals, do not forget to wear only white clothes — it is believed to bring good luck in the New Year.

Oslo, Norway
If you like the idea of celebrating the New Year “on ice,” — go to Oslo. The capital of Norway hosts exhibitions of ice sculptures and numerous parties, and huge festive fireworks launched in the harbor from a floating platform. Moreover, Norwegians love to launch fireworks right in their yard, so thousands of small fireworks light the whole city at midnight.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
“Carefree city” does everything in its own way, and the celebration of the New Year is no exception. If you are in Louisiana’s largest city on New Year’s eve, go to Jackson Square, where really many people gather, and the countdown to the New year sounds. You will find an unusual show and then magnificent fireworks over the Mississippi River.

Valletta, Malta
Valletta is one of the smallest cities on our list. Officially, it is home to about 6,000 people, but when it comes to meeting the New Year — all the locals and visitors waiting for a surprisingly wide range of activities to suit every taste. From discos and noisy pubs to live concerts and children’s animation programs. But the “cherry on the cake” is the unsurpassed musical fireworks over the harbor of Grand Harbor.

Tokyo, Japan
In Japan, the celebration of the New Year is not like in Europe. The Japanese like to see off the outgoing year at home with their families, watch popular TV shows, and visit the temples and shrines of Shinto at midnight. Nevertheless, mass events are held in large cities on New Year’s eve. In Tokyo, the best place for tourists will be the famous Shibuya district, where at midnight a lot of people gather to release balloons with the twelfth blow of the clock and watch the spectacular fireworks.

Walt Disney world recreation center, Florida, USA
For children, the New Year celebration in the Disney world recreation Park is a real dream. All kinds of entertainment have only ever been invented. Parents, by the way, also will not be bored — the organizers of the world’s largest amusement Park took care of it. At midnight all guests are waiting for impressive fireworks, light shows, and massive explosions of confetti.

Aspen, Colorado, USA
Aspen is known primarily for its ski resort, so if you are planning to meet a New Year “on ski,” — welcome. You are waiting for clean mountain air-2.5 km above sea level, and first-class service, which is famous for this resort. “Pearl” of the Rocky Mountains, as the locals call it. On New Year’s Eve, there are also beautiful fireworks organized and all night long fun in the local bars.

Prague, Czech Republic
To celebrate the New Year in Prague is an adventure for fans of comfortable, fussy, quiet rest. Of course, the Czech capital also organizes mass celebrations and large-scale pyrotechnic performances, but tourists come here for numerous secluded restaurants, with a cozy atmosphere and delicious cuisine. A special pleasure is a New Year’s cruise on the river – all participants are guaranteed a great view of the fireworks.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai is synonymous with luxury living. The tallest buildings, the most exquisite hotels, the most modern technology. The gorgeous fireworks until recently also took place here, but in 2017 they were replaced by a Grand laser show — a three-dimensional projection on the Burj – Khalifa tower, which set a world record for the area of the projected image.

Goa, India
To celebrate the New Year is a popular tropical resort-is not it wonderful in itself? Moreover, the holiday here lasts for two weeks, starting with the Catholic and ending with Orthodox Christmas. There are all conditions for perfect holiday-Spa treatments, entertainment shows, delicious cuisine, soft drinks, and, of course, midnight fireworks.

London, United Kingdom
London is famous for celebrating the New Year. The main action takes place on Trafalgar Square at the legendary Big Ben, whose cherished twelve blows on New Year’s eve are echoed by hundreds of thousands of people, after which a grandiose firework starts over the Thames. It is worth noting that the New Year in London is extremely popular, so if you intend to get here — about tickets and hotel reservations should take care of at least in September.

Moscow, Russia
The celebration of the New Year on Red Square is the choice of many thousands of Muscovites and tourists from all over Europe. The Chimes will herald the change of date, loud fireworks, and hot alcohol; the crowd will be up in the morning to sing your favorite songs, participate in numerous contests, and a walk through the center of Moscow. It is a special pleasure to celebrate the New Year with a view of the Kremlin and St. Vasily’s Cathedral. The main thing is not to overdo it with alcohol.

Venice, Italy
One of the most romantic cities globally, Venice is another great place to celebrate the New Year. After a delicious lunch at one of the local restaurants, go to Piazza San Marco for the main celebrations and fireworks. The Punta Della Dogana center for contemporary art is also worth a visit.

Seoul, South Korea
Seoul is one of the largest Asian megacities, and the New Year holidays are also celebrated in a big way. In addition to the main pyrotechnic and light show, everyone will be able to attend numerous performances, participate in festive programs in restaurants and clubs, or enjoy the atmosphere of one of the most high-tech cities in the World.

Berlin, Germany
If you like giant open-air parties with hundreds of thousands of participants, visit Berlin one day on New Year’s eve. For a joint celebration at the Brandenburg gate gathers more than a million people to enjoy an exciting laser show, dancing to the music of the best DJs in the world or, for example, ride a huge funicular. And of course, to drink champagne — the choice of wines here is truly huge!

Copenhagen, Denmark
In Copenhagen on the eve of the New Year, especially mass street festivities do not occur, as the Danes prefer to be at home with their families at this time. However, as soon as the Queen makes her speech, which usually happens at 18: 00 local time, as the streets begin to come to life — the city turns into one big party. By midnight, walkers gather at the town hall square to celebrate the New Year and watch the impressive fireworks. In the context of tourism, it is worth noting that Denmark is one of the most expensive countries in the world, so it is better to prepare well financially. However, it’s worth it.

As you can see, if you read the description-a set of entertainment is almost the same everywhere: dancing, fireworks, light shows, and other entertainment. However, each city’s atmosphere is unique and inimitable; people with different traditions live completely different in mentality; there are different places and different cuisine, after all. If you have the opportunity-go annually to celebrate the New Year in a new city and the Old New Year — go home and celebrate in the family circle. After all, the New Year is still a family holiday.

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