The 2020 Nobel Prize winners will be named this week

During the week, the winners of the leading world prize in physics, chemistry, and literature will also be named, the peace prize will be awarded on Friday, and on October 12, the winners of the Alfred Nobel memorial prize in economics will be announced.

The annual Nobel week starts today in Stockholm, the first to be named winners of the prize in the field of physiology or medicine.

The names of applicants for the award are kept secret until the last moment, but experts try to predict who will receive prizes based on the citation rating of scientists. Based on this criterion, the award can be claimed by American biochemists Pamela Bjorkman and Jack Strominger, whose discoveries in molecular immunology contributed to the development of drugs and vaccines.

The list of favorites includes Lebanese – born American geneticist Huda Zoghbi, who discovered a mutation on the X chromosome that leads to the development of Rett syndrome. Japanese geneticist and cancer researcher Yusuke Nakamura is also among the possible candidates. According to Swedish experts, Emmanuel Charpentier from the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics and Jennifer Doudna from the University of California has a great chance of becoming this year’s winner for developing a genome editing method known as CRISPR-cas9.

The physics prize will be awarded on Tuesday, and the chemistry prize will be awarded on Wednesday. On Thursday, they will name who received the award for literature. On Friday, the Nobel Committee will present the peace prize. Finally, on October 12, the winners of the Alfred Nobel memorial prize in Economics will be named.

Because of the coronavirus this year, it was decided to cancel the traditional ceremony of awarding the laureates in Stockholm. From year to year, on December 10, they received a medal and diploma of the laureate from the hands of the king of Sweden, after which there was a Banquet in the local town hall. This time, there will be a live broadcast from the town hall and online interviews with the winners, during which they will be awarded diplomas and medals.

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