Texas wants to withdraw from the United States

The Texas House of Representatives wanted to withdraw the state from the United States. The Republican Kyle Biedermann made this initiative, Fox News reports.

“I pledge to submit a bill that will allow Texans to hold a referendum to establish Texas as an independent state,” he wrote on Twitter. Biedermann explained his intention by the fact that the federal government of the country got out of control and ceased to represent the values ​​of the residents of the state.

As noted in the publication on the channel’s website, the people of the state support the republican form of government. At the same time, secession from the country supports the nationalist movement in Texas, and the corresponding request has been submitted to the state legislature hundreds of times.

Earlier, 17 US states upheld Texas’s claim to the Supreme Court. State officials have demanded that the results be invalidated in four vacillating states that voted for Democratic candidate Joe Biden. The current President of the country, Republican Donald Trump, decided to join the lawsuit.

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