Texas removes home quarantine from May 1

Texas will become the largest US state at the moment to lift strict home quarantine for residents after April 30, Governor Greg Abbott said on local TV channels.

“The Executive order (on quarantine) has done its job-slowed the growth of COVID-19 cases, and I will let it expire as planned. Now it’s time to chart a new course-to responsibly resume business in Texas. We will open using security standards,” Abbott said.

It is planned that stores, shopping centers, restaurants, and cinemas will open in the state on Friday, May 1, but they can receive no more than 35% of the usual number of visitors. Also, libraries and museums will open.

Hairdressers, beauty salons, and gyms will remain closed for the time being, but Abbott said he would try to open them “as soon as possible.”
The population of Texas is about 29 million people. According to estimates of the New York Times, 25,300 cases of coronavirus were registered in the state, 679 people died.

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