Tesla will send most sales and delivery employees on unpaid leave

Tesla announced on Friday to its staff that most of the company’s sales and delivery staff will be sent on vacation without maintenance starting on Monday.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Tesla announced to employees a temporary reduction in wages and off-paid leave due to restrictive measures caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Electrek, salaries for all Tesla employees working from home or occupying “critical positions” will be 10–30%. Most of all, the management team will lose in salary. The salaries of Tesla vice presidents will be reduced by 30%, the salaries of executives at the director level – by 20%, and the salaries of other staff will be reduced by 10%.

Now sources say that almost all hourly employees who have worked in the company for less than 2 years will be suspended from work until everything is normal.

Several Electrek sources in the sales and delivery departments reported that approximately two-thirds of their teams were sent on unpaid leave, while others say that it affected nearly 80% of employees. Note that the sources of the CNBC resource claim that much less was sent on vacation without maintenance – about 50% of the employees in these departments.

The resumption of production at Tesla’s US plants will depend on the decision of local authorities. On Friday, Los Angeles County, California, announced the extension of coronavirus restriction measures until May 15.

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