Tesla update makes autopilot driving 50% safer

The latest Tesla update made autopilot driving 50% safer. Now the company is registering approximately one accident per 4.6 million kilometers.

Tesla has achieved a record level of driving safety in autopilot mode – engineers achieved a 50% improvement over the past quarter. This is the best indicator since 2018 – the moment when Tesla began to take statistics by publishing a quarterly report that compares the number of kilometers and accidents on autopilot and without it.

Employees said that now they register one accident for every 4.6 million kilometers that cars overcame in autopilot mode. At the same time, the percentage of accidents without an autopilot is much less so far.

“For those who went without an autopilot, but with our active safety features, we registered one accident for every 3.2 million kilometers,” the report says. For comparison, the latest data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that in the USA, accidents occur on average 771 thousand kilometers.

The new Tesla autopilot update allows you to automatically respond to traffic signs and traffic signals. However, the company warned that the driver “needs to stay alert and be prepared to intervene.” In March 2020, the company tested the preliminary version of this feature on users with early access, and after 1.5 months decided that it could be released to all car owners in the United States.

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