Tesla proposes to install in Hawaii a giant battery of 244 Megapack modules

Tesla intends to bid on the construction of one of the largest energy storage systems in the world, which they plan to place on one of the islands of the state of Hawaii. The company proposes to install 224 Megapack industrial batteries with a capacity of 3 MW/hour. This storage will be 8 times larger than the Hornsdale station, built by Tesla in South Australia in 2017.

Megapack industrial batteries were launched by the company in the middle of last year and remain the largest energy storage solution. This easy-to-install 3 MW/h battery, which comes with a 1.5 MW inverter, wasn’t originally a bestseller, but after advertising through its blog on Twitter, Ilon Mask received proposals for the construction of large storage facilities in Alaska and California.

Tesla recently became aware of a tender for the construction of an energy storage system for Hawaiian Electric, the largest power plant in Hawaii, on Oahu. The aim of the project is to provide an alternative to peak fossil fuel stations that are used during periods of increased load on the grid.

The most powerful energy storage station
Given the planned capacity of the station – 810 MW/h – this project will become one of the largest in the world, according to Electrek. In comparison, it is six times larger than the Mask-built Hornsdale repository in South Australia.

In addition to batteries, the winner of the tender undertakes to install inverters and transformers, build concrete platforms, lay underground cables and cable tunnels, supply and configure distribution equipment and other electricity.

In addition to Megapack, Tesla also has a more modest industrial Powerpack battery and a home version of Powerwall.

An even larger project would be a 1200 MWh storage system in Monterey County, California. Tesla batteries will be built at the converted gas power plant – 449 Megapack units. The main objective of the installation will be the accumulation of wind and solar energy.

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