Tesla owners will be able to remotely view autopilot cameras

If Tesla Sentry Mode detects movement around the car, recording starts from all available cameras. However, it does not provide information from the vehicle’s cameras until the incident occurs. Recently, hints of a future software update for Tesla have surfaced online that will address this issue.

Sentry Mode is set to take it to the next level, allowing Tesla owners to monitor their vehicles through autopilot cameras remotely. This is part of a major software update, likely version 11.

Earlier, Tesla representatives hinted that they are ready to integrate the Sentry Mode function into a mobile application.

Basically, Sentry Mode is an integrated surveillance system inside Tesla vehicles using autopilot cameras around the vehicle. When it comes to vandalism, security rules keep criminals from going unnoticed.

Several times the video in Sentry Mode went viral, and vandals surrendered under pressure on the network.

In other cases, video evidence helped police identify and locate vandals.

This feature is based on TeslaCam technology. TeslaCam has already helped several Tesla owners fight insurance companies, proving that they are not to blame for some of the accidents recorded by the integrated DVR system.

To activate TeslaCam and Sentry Mode features, owners must plug in a storage device, flash drive, or SSD and activate Settings’ features. Initially, users had to take a storage device and plug it into a computer to view the footage. This year, Tesla released a new automotive viewer in Sentry mode, making it easier for owners to view the footage.

One of the hackers, who calls himself “green,” reveals new Tesla features found in software updates. He said the automaker is actively working to allow owners to view what their vehicles are seeing using autopilot cameras remotely. According to the hacker, the video from the cars will be broadcast on the phone app.

Tesla owners can already examine their vehicles in detail, including opening or closing doors, windows, charging port, and more. Now they will be able to see what is happening around their expensive cars, even if a possible vandal approach does not activate sentry Mode.

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