Tesla opens world’s largest charging station

Tesla has opened the largest charging station in the world. It is located in China, one of the key countries for the export of electric vehicles.

Tesla has launched the world’s largest supercharging station in China, which the company posted on the Weibo social network. There are 72 charging points, and a second similar facility has 56 charging points. It is located in California. However, they are the same power.

The station is located in the Jing’an International Center in the key business and commercial area of ​​Shanghai. According to the photos, 72 locations use V2 chargers up to 150 kW, while 56 Californian locations are using 250 kW V3 chargers. This means that Shanghai drivers will have to wait a little longer for charging.

Tesla has shipped more than 20,000 locally produced electric vehicles to China, making it a key market. In November, the company produced 23,000 electric vehicles at its Shanghai plant. Some of the machines are sold in China, while others are exported to Europe and other markets.

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