Tesla is going to increase the range of the crossover again Model Y: waiting for autonomy, like the Model 3

Less than a year has passed since the announcement of the Tesla Model Y electric crossover, and the manufacturer has already improved the car several times. Now information has appeared on the network that the company is preparing another update.

One of Twitter users under the nickname Green found in the current firmware for the car mention of a new efficiency package called MY_2021. Apparently, engineers are going to use it to increase the car’s power reserve. By the way, this will be the second such update. Last month Tesla added 25 km to the Long Range Dual Motor (it was 508 km, it was 533 km), and to the Performance package – 19 km (it was 468 km, it was 487 km).

It is not yet clear how much the Tesla Model Y’s range will increase this time, but it can be assumed that the company will equal the performance of the updated Model 3. That is, it is worth waiting for 568 km and 506 km for Long Range Dual Motor and Performance trim levels, respectively. The efficiency package is likely to be released early next year.

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