Tesla has opened the largest station with charging terminals Supercharger in China

Tesla continues to develop its network of Supercharger charging stations — the new complex, which has 72 terminals, is located in the Jinan International Exhibition Center’s underground parking lot in Shanghai.

Before that, the largest “charging park” of Tesla (with 56 fast-charging terminals) was located in the California city of Firebaugh. However, at the new charging point in China, Supercharger V2 “column” is used. The charging power of 150 kW compared to 250 kW at express stations V3 in California-the battery recharge at less powerful terminals lasts longer.

Currently, the Tesla Supercharger network in China has more than 500 stations with a different number of charging terminals on them. Recall also that the past year for the American manufacturer of electric vehicles was a record-the company managed to sell almost half a million cars.

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